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Hyatt & Stubblefield, P.C. assists developers in creating condominium structures that address the specific needs and goals of residential, commercial, and mixed use projects for new and conversion properties.  


Statutory Compliance


We work with condominium developers to ensure that each project complies with state condominium statutes and properly addresses key issues including:

  • Integration of and relationships among various land uses
  • Unit boundaries
  • Handling of parking, storage, and loading areas
  • Necessary easements and licenses
  • Association administration and operations
  • Maintenance and preservation of common elements and amenities
  • Regulation and enforcement of rules and standards

We counsel the developer on decisions regarding the appropriate structure for dealing with differing uses, as well as marketing, disclosure requirements, operational matters, and many other developmental issues that ultimately are woven into the condominium documents.




We tailor each project's governing documents to the specific characteristics and needs of that project. This includes the declaration of condominium, the articles of incorporation, by-laws and rules of the condominium association, the unit purchase agreement, and the disclosure package as required by state law.




We work with the developer's marketing staff and those appointed to serve on the association's board of directors to ensure that they fully understand the governing documents, the rights and responsibilities of the various parties, the representations that may and may not be made, and the duties of board members. All of these issues can substantially affect the developer's risks and liabilities, and it is most important to address them early in the process, particularly from a marketing standpoint.



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